The pandemic of Covid-19 has introduced a new phenomenon to the society and religion alike. By affecting virtually all spheres of human lives—physical, psychological and spiritual—it tested not only individuals and their personal faith but also churches and their pastoral skills. The main prevention instrument, a lockdown, has become an unprecedented experience of loneliness and fear for many people. Moreover, this experience revealed vulnerability of existing systems and practices, both social and religious. This seminar therefore examines a search for providing pastoral care in completely new circumstances, in times of social distancing and inability to do things as ever before. While it builds on classical knowledge of pastoral care, it also explores practical issues and challenges that churches, parishes and chaplaincies must face in lockdown.

The working language is English; the students are expected to communicate at level A2-B1. If needed, German is possible for individual consultations. Students without a previous experience of academic work in English are welcome!

Final grading reflects class attendance and active participation in discussions, short oral presentation and a seminar paper.